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Raw materials
Selecting the best from the best /strict control; we use only high-quality oats - more healthy and nutritious!
Nutrition mix
Diverse cashew crisp / desiccated coconut/ Yimengshan eggs / Better taste, more balanced nutrition!
Elaborate baking
Traditional techniques / integration of modern technologies, better taste, better reserved nutrition!
One piece at one bite, individual packs
Eat it whenever you want. Once piece at one bite, clean and healthy. No crumbs will fall into the keyboard, convenience to eat, and they will not stain your hands.

        Shandong Dingbang Health Food Co., Ltd. is situated at the northern foot of Mount Fulai, south of Sishilipu Town, Yishui, close to the railway station of Yishui, and 6 km away from Yishui (South) Exit of Changshen Highway; the neighborhood within a radius of 20km is free of any industrial projects. The company enjoys a strategic geographic location, a beautiful ecological environment, fresh air, sweet water, convenient transportation, and smooth logistics.

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